iSTEEMd curates every listed bot’s daily payout to their delegators directly from the Steemit blockchain and ranks them on the basis of several parameters through iSTEEMd score thereby enabling trust and transparency for all the delegators of the Steemit platform.


Isteemd team is a part of digital jugaad group. Digital Jugaad group is a loose team of 8-10 people with each team managing its own different project. Therising team is also a part of digitaljugaad group but not related to isteemd team in any other way. As the data curated by isteemd is enabled by blockchain and is fully transparent, you are requested to verify the data shown and carry out your due diligence before performing any activity. In case of any issues, contact us on Thank you!

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We fully support @yabapmatt as a witness for all the amazing contributions made by him to the steemit community. Matt has also donated an amount to keep our platform up and running. Support our donator by voting for @yabapmatt for Steem witness! To vote, click the button below or go to and find @yabapmatt in the list and click the upvote icon. Thank you!

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For all the delegators delegating through the above DELEGATE Tool, a confirmation message of each delegation is sent to the delegator and if the bot does not deliver the payouts as promised, the complaints raised by the delegator will be prioritized and appropriate action will be taken as soon as possible.

**DISCLAIMER:  Since bot payouts are mostly in SBD and SBD to STEEM conversion is constantly fluctuating, numbers presented here are not 100% accurate and is an approximation for informational purpose only. ISTEEMD score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm to help delegators by providing an instant measure of a bot’s performance and trust. Any type of investment or delegation activity is completely at the risk and discretion of the investor or delegator. In case of any discrepancies in the payout or in case of a loss in any form, is in no way responsible. You are requested to carry out your due diligence before performing any activity.