We’re on a Mission.


Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure and security comes from having the information you want when you want it. It’s the guiding principle behind our work. That’s why we give you free access to the information you need.

We are a group of developers, a part of Digital Jugaad group, who are trying to build something useful for every community. Digital Jugaad group is a loose team of 8-10 people and each team is mutually exclusive and is innovating and growing in its own unique way. Therising team was also a part of digitaljugaad group. Our vision as a whole was to contribute to different ecosystems of blockchain, which is still in its infancy, grow them and thrive within their hearts as a community.

We believe that Steem is a great platform for content-creators as well as for long-term investors. Through isteemd, we strive to bring the power of delegation to the ordinary people of the world so that they can take advantage of this huge passive investment opportunity and reap rewards. Thank You!