Rules & Suggestions For Bot Owners


iSTEEMd was designed and created to become the only one-stop destination for all the delegators of the steemit platform. All the bot owners of steemit who are looking forward to get more SPs delegated to their bot by the whale delegators of steemit are requested to follow the below mentioned rules for obtaining a better iSTEEMd score:



  • iSTEEMd Score is based on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst.
  • The default iSTEEMd score is 5. If a bot has a negative reputation or if there is a complaint or negative feedback, the score would be lower than 5.
  • A bot is required to give daily payouts to its delegators to get listed on our platform.
  • A bot is required to have atleast 10,000 delegated SP to be eligible to get listed on the platform.
  • A bot is required to have atleast 5 delegators, who have delegated a minimum of 100 SP each, to be eligible for the iSTEEMd algorithm to score the bot. If a bot doesn’t satisfy this condition, it will receive a default score of 5 and it’s score will change only when it meets the above criteria.
  • In case of any complaints against the bot by it’s delegator or it’s user, we will verify the authenticity of the claim and if it’s genuine, we will manually lower the score as per the severity of the complaint.



  • Evaluation of all the bots mainly occurs on 2 verticals: trust and performance consisting of ROI, consistency, user-satisfaction,etc
  • Increase your delegation amount as much as possible since higher delegation amount significantly improves your iSTEEMd score.
  • Increase your payout rates as much as possible to your delegators.
  • Be consistent in your payouts to your delegators and don’t change your payout time too often.
  • Enable your bot to refund invalid bids. All the bots which do not refund their users will receive a lower score.
  • Keep your bot users or bidders satisfied by enabling your bot features which are best suited for them in terms of profitability and satisfaction.
  • Your payouts should be as per your claims. In case of any discrepancies, your score will be significantly lowered.
  • We have a strict no tolerance policy for fraudulent bots which have popped up just to scam people. If found, any such bot will be displayed separately as blacklisted on the platform.




  • Our delegation platform is completely free to use for all bot owners and delegators.


Bot Listings:

  • Kindly mail us at to get your bot listed on the platform.