ISTEEMD Score Calculation


The formula to calculate ISTEEMD score depends on several factors each having different weightage as per their importance in measuring trust and performance of the bots. Here are some of the important factors used in the calculation of ISTEEMD score of each bot:

  • Delegation Amount Received: The amount of delegation received is a sign of trust placed on the bot by the delegators. Thus higher received delegation amount yields to higher trust score.
  • Daily Payouts Given to Delegators: We analyse the daily payouts given to the delegators of the bot and check for consistency, equal distribution among all delegators and timely payouts. High, consistent and timely payout leads to higher performance score.
  • Delegator Retention: Bots which have high delegator retention rate show that delegators are much more satisfied by their service. Hence, higher delegator retention results to higher score.
  • Delegator Upgrade Rate: Consistently upgrading delegators show that they are willing to contribute more and more SP to the bot which is a very good sign. So, higher upgrade rate will lead to a higher overall score.
  • Bot Downtime: We analyse the downtime of the bot through time difference between their upvotes along with other parameters and penalize the bots with higher downtimes by lowering their score.
  • Bot User Satisfaction: If invalid bids, which are eligible for refund, are not refunded OR valid posts are not upvoted in a timely manner, the bot will receive a lower score in this parameter.


**DISCLAIMER: ISTEEMD score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm to help delegators by providing an instant snapshot of a bot’s performance and trust. Any type of investment or delegation activity is completely at the risk and discretion of the investor or delegator. In case of any discrepancies in the payout or in case of a loss in any form, we are in no way responsible. You are requested to carry out your due diligence before performing any such activity.